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Dear Parents and Carers, I have the pleasure of attaching the results of the questionnaire we asked you to complete. As you will see, the percentage results for each question we asked is very positive and something we are very proud of. We are delighted with your replies and we send a heartfelt thank you to those who took time to complete it. It was wonderful to read your lovely comments which have been shared with staff and governors. We have taken on board any suggestions and feedback you gave us as well. If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to address personally, please don't hesitate to speak with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (myself, Mrs Laverack, Deputy Headteacher or Miss Walker, Assistant Headteacher). Phone Mrs Glenn in the office to make an appointment. Your concerns are important to us and we are available for you. Please read my newsletter coming out later today with more important information I wish to share with you. Your Sincerely, Mrs Everett


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