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Compliments and Thanks


Dear Mrs Everett, Would you please pass on to the children our thanks for their heart warming get well cards for our patients, they really have put smiles on our patient's faces and brightened up their day.

Petra Rowlands Ward Manager - B12


'Congratulations Colleen for your school's achievement in reaching the top 3% of primary schools. You really are a wonderful person and headmistress. Parents and children are extremely fortunate in being part of your school'.

Wendy Boardman, Pat Broadhurst, Carole Rowlinson, Hilary Berry, Daughters of Frances Williams


'Good afternoon Colleen. Congratulations to your teacher Danielle Walker being awarded Teacher of the Year.  You must be very proud of your school's achievement for a second year running'.

Wendy Boardman


'Last night's Advent Service was absolutely wonderful.  The pupils sang beautifully and the whole performance was clearly well rehearsed.  So proud of all the children, they were great.  Pass on my thanks and congratulations to your staff as well.

I am trying to arrange things so I can attend the KS1 Nativity next week, but if I don't make it and don't get chance to see you, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a well earned break'.



'Thanks so much and thank you for letting me be present when Max found out I don't think he's ever been so speechless and will take a good 24hrs to sink in, but a memory I will always treasure.

I would like to thank school though, Sacred Heart has been a massive contributor in shaping Max into the bright, enthusiastic young man he is. The school/staff have provided him so many opportunities since reception for him to develop and grow and gave him a safe space for him to be himself; loud, enquisutive, energetic, enthusiastic and well just Max.

Win or a runner up I hope this goes a long way to help him understand how incredibly special he is and just to be nominated is a great achievement and worth celebrating'.

Natalie Dunbabin


'I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing response to this second school closure. The live/remote working this time round has been phenomenal. Euan really struggled to stay focused and engaged the first closure when completing worksheets, but with the online learning he is truly engaging. His attitude to school and learning during these last few weeks has been astonishing. Obviously I am very proud of how he has adapted but I am also very proud and thankful for the hard work of all the staff! I know there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make it all possible. Remote learning is no substitute for face to face learning but I do think it has been the next best thing so thank you. Please pass my thanks to Mrs Laverack,Mrs Parry and all staff. Thank you'.

Jeni & Rich Walmsley


'I have just read the latest newsletter and came across a little piece about Mr Freeman. I just wanted to send a quick message which I hope reaches him. We are greated every morning by a smiley, enthusiastic and engaging Mr Freeman. It’s not a easy job appearing to be happy all of the time, especially in these current circumstances but Mr Freeman does it so well. The other reception parents have also commented on how much of a comfort it is to have Mr Freeman at the gates in a morning welcoming us. I can only wish that we had more Mr Freeman’s then maybe I could take one to work with me'.



'I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the tickets, it was so kind of you all to give it to us!

The award is incredibly well deserved, I really do think you are all so dedicated to the children and there is no doubt in my mind just how much my children have grown though all of your care.

Please pass on my congratulations to all the staff and I hope you all have a lovely weekend celebrating!'

Jo Degenhart


'Thanks to you all for such a well organised trip. I fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into planning trips so wanted to pass on our appreciation to all the staff for your hard work.'

Lara Cannavan 

'Dear Danielle

So good seeing you all again, helping WHH Charity at our Queens Jubilee Platinum event, the event was brilliant with so many lovely things said about the uplifting singing plus the wonderful bright and colourful posters created by the students.

The total amount raised was an amazing £209.34, once again thank you for making a difference.

Yours sincerely

Helen xx'

Helen Higginson - Head of fundraising Warrington Cheshire Hospital


Dear Mrs. Everett,

Hope you are well!  We were surprised when we found the Note from Headteacher in our mailbox before.  As I am busy on moving to new home and late for sending this thank you note.  Hailey was happy and feeling encouraged when she got the card.  It is Hailey's pleasure to study in Sacred Heart, thank you and we appreciate the efforts of teachers.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,

Wai Nga Chan

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