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A Warm Welcome

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, we aim to provide a warm, happy and stimulating environment in which children enjoy learning and are able to appreciate its importance and relevance to their lives. 

We recognise the importance of providing our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum and we constantly review and evaluate the achievements of the school. We aim to provide both high academic standards and a good faith basis. At Sacred Heart, we strive to achieve our aims through a strong partnership between children, parents, governors, staff and Parish. 

We are proud of our school family and do our best to provide a high-quality experience for children and parents alike. We believe that our pupils are capable of achieving high standards in both their behaviour and learning and we are passionate about celebrating their various gifts and talents.

Mrs Everett

Our Virtual Tour

Take a look at all the amazing things we get up to here at Sacred Heart. 

Our Recent Ofsted Inspection

As you are aware, our school was visited by OFSTED on December 6th and 7th 2022. I am pleased to inform you that the report following this inspection has now been published.


‘Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School continues to be a good school. There is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a graded (section 5) inspection now.'

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The Report

The school's next inspection will be a graded inspection.

Click the link below to see our report.

Attendance Matters


Reception- 91.9%

Year 1- 97.2%

Year 2- 94.5%

Year 3- 99.3%

Year 4- 97.8%

Year 5- 97.7%

Year 6- 96.2%

TOTAL- 96.6%


 Reminder that if your child is ill or absent for a

ny other reason, you must phone the school office absence line on 01925 636 235 and press 1 to record your message by 9am EACH DAY of the absence. If your child has a medical appointment please let us know and be prepared to show us the appt letter/text in the office.

Keep In Touch

See below our most recent SchoolPings and our Facebook page, where you can keep updated with everything we are up to in school!

School News Feed
  • General
    11 January 2024
    Term Dates 2023-24 and 2024-25
    Hello families, Sending this message to remind you all of the term dates for the rest of this year and for next school year. Attached are the term dates for this school year and next year's school year. Please remember that taking family holiday during term time is not allowed and will result in an unexcused absence mark. Many thanks
  • General
    10 January 2024
    School Dinner Menu for Spring Term
    Dear families, There haven't been any significant changes to the dinner menu for this term. Attached is the menu with the updated dates for each week. Next week we will be on week 3. Many thanks

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Contact Us

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School (Warrington)

Selby Street

01925 636235


Our School Day (32.5 hours)

8.30 am - Gates Open

8.40 am - Classroom Doors Open/Register 

3.15 pm - End of the school day

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