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Welcome to History at Sacred Heart!

History is an exciting subject that our children love! Please browse through our history pages to see the many and exciting topics we cover throughout our history journey.

History Subject Leadership

Mr Rotchell has led history at Sacred Heart since 2019.

History Subject Leader

Our History Ambassadors

Bella and Thomas represent history within Sacred Heart as our 'History Subject Ambassadors'. To take on the role they had to apply and be interviewed for the post. These two superstars work alongside Mr Rotchell to make sure that history is the best subject it can possibly be.



Useful Links

Click the links below to find out more about some of the topics we explore in Sacred Heart history.

Year 4 are exploring Roman Britain

Year 6 Are studying War and Conflict over time. Focusing on the Battle of Hastings and the role of women in World War 2.


Year 5 are studying the Vikings.

Year 3 are exploring Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 2 Are exploring the Victorians

Year 1 are focusing on moments of national remembrance such as Poppy Day and Bonfire Night remembering the Gunpowder Plot





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