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Year 2 Victorian Experience Day 2019

Year 2 had an incredible time on their history themed 'Victorian Day' at Quarry Bank Mill. Wearing amazing costumes the children explored the lives of children their age who would have lived and worked in cotton factories during Victorian times. They also experienced the living conditions of the children as well as seeing first hand how different Victorian schools are to our school today - all children agreed life is much easier nowadays! Amazing behaviour, brilliant history skills and great company, well done year 2, we are so very proud of you.

Year 5 Viking Day 2019

Year 5 loved their day exploring the life and times of the Vikings through active workshops at the Warrington Museum.

Year 3 Stone Age day at Tattenhall 2019

In October year 3 visited Tattenhall in Cheshire to explore the lives of Stone Age people. The class has a brilliant time cooking, making weapons and shelters, jewellery making and the use of clay for pottery. 

Year 2 elections of a class 'Prime Minister'

As a class year 2 have been exploring how new laws made in Victorian Britain helped to change the lives of children. In particular we learnt about the 1867 Factory Act and how is meant children under 8 years old no longer had to work but instead had to go to school. As a class we then imagined what laws we would create if we were to become Prime Minister, we then held a class election and our new Prime Minister is Ben - who believed that kindness, fairness and equality were important for making good laws!

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