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Use the Safe searching sites and tips below when researching topics at home or in school:-




Click the link below to show hints of how to refine a search on the internet to find the exact information you are looking for.


If you wanted to exclude certain pages from your search, you could use the minus operator (sign). Therefore, if you only wanted to find indoor attractions, you could add –outdoor to your entry in the search box. This would filter out any results that mention ‘outdoor’ on their web page.


Help your child remain safe on the internet by checking your browser settings. See below for useful advice.

How to Ensure Google SafeSearch filtering is ON within any Browser:

Safe Search

The image to the left shows the option available on Google.com after a search is conducted.

1. Conduct a search for any term.
2. Select “Search settings” by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of Google’s search results page.
3. You will then see the option to turn on safe search and save your settings. (see image below)

IMPORTANT: SafeSearch is automatically activated using Safe Search Kids, but we feel it’s important to do this on Google.com as well in the event kids leave our site to search Google.  SafeSearch from Google.com will not be as safe as using our website. 

turn on safe search

Hit enter to search