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Happy Feast Day to all at Sacred Heart school

Feast Day on Twitter: "The Pierogi priests are in a class all ...(please click the video below to share a blessing with Father Christopher)




Click the Parents' Letter below for the 'With you Always' programme.

RE Curriculum | All Saints Catholic Primary School

Please click the video below to hear a message from Fr. Christopher to the children who have missed their First Holy Communion due to the Covid19 pandemic.



Let’s keep each other lovingly in our minds and hearts.

The Lord will strengthen us with the gifts of his Spirit – Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Good Judgement, Courage, Wonder and Reverence – and we will come together again renewed in faith and love and ready to live our faith more fervently than ever.

May God Bless you and your families. 


(At Sacred Heart School we follow the Come & See scheme of work.)

Click the Come & See link below to find out moreImage result for come & see re

Click the link below to access the parish of Sacred Heart and St Alban's website.

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Click the link below to access the parish of St Joseph's Website.

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Click the link below for First Coummunion Dates 2020

Image result for communion clip artClick the school motto below for the RE Summer Term newsletter 2020

 Click  on our Parish Priest (Canon Christoher Cunningham)

to find out more about how he became a Priest.


Canon Christopher Cunningham, parish priest at St Alban's and Sacred Heart, is set to celebrate his golden jubilee.


























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