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Together in faith we are living, loving and learning.

(At Sacred Heart School we follow the Come & See scheme of work.)

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to find out more about how he became a Priest.


Canon Christopher Cunningham, parish priest at St Alban's and Sacred Heart, is set to celebrate his golden jubilee.

Year 4 enjoyed their recent 'Retreat Day' followed by a service in church. 


 Year 4 Sacramental Dates 

Sunday  21st January 10:00am – Following Jesus Centre

Sunday 11th February 10:00am - Teach us to Pray (The Lords Prayer), Centre

Sunday 25th March Palm Sunday 10:00am Jesus brings us together (The Tridium)


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Our prayers and thoughts are with one of our past pupils (Hugh Donleavy) who is currently preparing for the Priesthood.




















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