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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Presley for an amazing effort in all areas of learning and wowing us with his progress. 

 Year 1 - Jake for showing our British values of love and forgiveness.
 Year 2 - Mike for always having a positive, shining attitude
 Year 3 - Nadia for being a kind, helpful and hard-working member of our year 3 team.
 Year 4 - Dylan for showing excellent concentration in lessons and making a huge contribution to class discussions.
 Year 5 - Lucas fro being a kind, caring boy who never fails to put a smile on my face.
 Year 6 - Luke for amazing attitude to all of his work and always having beautiful manners.

Reading Skills Award

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Reception- Declan for trying really hard with his blending in our reading practice.


Year 1-   
Year 2 - Amelia for your super focus and reading using your phonics.


Year 3- Avighna for beautiful expression in our guided reading lessons.


Year 4 - Diya for earning the highest comprehension reading plus.  
Year 5 - Haris for great home reading on reading  plus.   
Year 6 - Charlie for amazing work on Reading Plus.


Star Writer" Poster by WriterPosts | Redbubble Reception - Alexander for fantastic independent writing when labelling his bike picture.

Year 1 - Sami for amazing expressive writing in the 'Voice of Animals'.

Year 2 - Hayfield for beautiful presentation and super description.

Year 3 - Santars for your brilliant improvement in handwriting.

Year 4 - Maddison for making a huge improvement with her handwriting.

Year 5 - Jessica for excellent effort in her writing.

Year 6  - Cyrus for choosing  careful vocabulary in his writing.


Science Award

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Reception  - Indu for showing a good understanding of melting when exploring our winter suncatchers.

Year 1 - Sophia for sharing her wonderful knowledge of the world around school.

Year 2 - Henry for your excellent curious questioning.

Year 3 - Gabi for being able to draw conclusions from her science investigations.

Year 4 - Ben for excellent investigation skills on eye colour.

Year 5 - Ryan for excellent research into jobs.

Year 6 -Rafael for great work in our science sessions.





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