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Mrs Everett's Star Award



 Reception - Hassan for always being the first to volunteer on the carpet and always using his manners.

 Year 1 - Shirley for settling in to life at Sacred Heart so well and really beginning to shine.

 Year 2 -Noah for impressing us with his attitude to learning and for believing in himself.
 Year 3 - Jorge for his continued effort in all subjects and growing in confidence.
 Year 4 - Bella for always having such a confident and resilient attitude towards challenges!
Year 5 - Rebin for always being a kind, considerate and helpful member of the Y5 family.

 Year 6 - Dylan for always being so kind, thoughtful, friendly and helpful.


Reading Skills Award

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Reception - .

Tiya for putting 110% into her guided reading sessions.

Year 1-  Theodore for working so hard on his word recognition.
Year 2 - 

Lenny for trying really hard in our guided reading session.

Year 3- 

Grace for wonderful use of reading plus and achieving her first award.

Year 4 -  Cedric for making such great progress in his reading.
Year 5 -  Toby for working independently during guided reading to find the best possible answer.
Year 6 -  Christiano for showing amazing understanding within our guided reading sessions.




Star Writer" Poster by WriterPosts | Redbubble Reception - Victoria for adding meanings to her marks when she was marking her foggy pictures.

Year 1 - Alvin for trying so hard with his cvc sentences.

Year 2 - Thomas for excellent effort with his writing.

Year 3 - William for always trying his best and producing a wonderful letter.

Year 4 - Poppy for excellent range of vocabulary within out 'Gorilla' topic

Year 5 - Gabby for using adventurous vocabulary in our English topic.

Year 6  - .Charles for such hard work and amazing perseverance with his writing.


Science Award

science class - Clip Art Library

Reception  -Ezra for his fantaastic seasonal knowledge.

Year 1 - Zara for her great exploring of the eco-jungle.

Year 2 - David for trying hard to measure height.

Year 3 -.

Year 4 - .Jack for excellent investigative and enquiry skills.

Year 5 - Evan for fantastoc research into Beatrix Porter.

Year 6 - Paige for great work in our electric investigation.


Maths Award

Math Clipart Images - Free Download on FreepikReception - Gautham for wowing Mrs Dale with his fantastic number knowledge.

Year 1 - Zara for never giving up in lessons even when she finds things a little tricky.

Year 2 - Gerry for amazing counting in 2's 5's and 10's..

Year 3 - .Hailey for consistent effort in maths work and growing in confidence.

Year 4  - Enoch for fantastic knowledge and quick recall of your timestables.

Year 5 - Santars for showing great perseverance in his work. 

Year 6  - Gabrielle for working so hard in lessons and developing her own strategies to remember new maths facts.






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