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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Evie for being brave and always being a sensible role model to others.

 Year 1 - Ruby for always being a lovely kind member of Year 2.
 Year 2 - Karolina for always being determined to help anyone who needs it.
 Year 3 -
 Year 4 -  All the children who made their First Holy Communion.
 Year 5 - Charlie for always making us smile - working hard and showing determination.
 Year 6 - Jack for always being a polite and kind member of our class.

Reading Skills Award

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Reception- Freddie for amazing efforts with his home reading.


Year 1- Antoni for amazing fluent reading.  
Year 2 - Harrison for the amazing effort you are putting into your reading plus scores.


Year 3- Maddison for contributing lots of good ideas in our guided reading comic lessons.


Year 4 - Olivia for earning the most reading lessons over 80% on reading plus.  
Year 5 - Charlie for fabulous inference in our reading booster comprehension.  
Year 6 - Peter for his excellent scores on reading plus.


Writing Award

 Reception - Sami for always completing his independent activities to the best of his ability.

Year 1 -  Issac for his lovely writing.

Year 2 - Aaron for applying his phonics knowledge to his writing.

Year 3 - 

Year 4 - Lucas for an excellent structure of a newspaper report in his cold write.

Year 5 - Abel for a fantastic explanantion text in English.

Year 6  -Brandon for his excellent diary entry for the Thai advert.







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