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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Oliver for being kind and caring to others and trying his best with every challenge!

 Year 1 - Torres for always trying his best and for wowing Mrs Mortimer with his maths!
 Year 2 - Daisy for always putting 100% effort into everthing she does!!
 Year 3 -  Ollie for always trying his best and never giving up even when things are a bit tricky.
 Year 4 - Stevie-Jo for being such a lovely member of our class and for always having a smile on her face.
 Year 5 - 
 Year 6 - Brandon for such, kind thoughtful behaviour when helping a friend.

Reading Skills Award

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Reception-  Lava for excellent perseverance with her blending and practising during play.


Year 1- Ethan for showing great perseverance in his reading at all times.  
Year 2 - Lottie for working very hard with her blending and segmenting skills.


Year 3- Jack for quickly finding words, phrases and many details in our guided reading text.


Year 4 - Caitlin for a huge amount of reading on reading plus.  
Year 5 -  Isla for amazing effort on Reading Plus!  
Year 6 - Gabby for being an amazing Reading Plus champion.


Writing Award

 Reception - Harrison for never giving up and always trying his very best with his writing.

Year 1 -  Mike for a fantastic start to his story writing with great ideas and handwriting.

Year 2 - Riley for trying hard to edit and self check his writing for improvements.

Year 3 - Ben for writing a super introductory paragraph.

Year 4 - Olivia for trying really hard with her handwriting.

Year 5 - Connie for her excellent effort in writing.

Year 6  - Harley  for an amazing Rio tourist text including fabulous vocabulary and creative design.








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