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Meet our 2023/24 School Councillors!


Tasty Tuck!

6th November 2023
Our school councillors will meet next week to discuss how we are going to implement our "Tasty Tuck" awards. 
We have collected data from each class already which show us the snacks that the children are having at break time, so we will be using this information to help us with our plans!

Watch this space!


Meeting Monday 13th November
In todays meeting, we looked at the information we had gathered from our quesionnaires and tally charts from each class. We noticed that the older children have less healthy snacks than the younger children.  We considered possible reasons why and wondered if it could be because younger children get their lunches made for them and their bags packed with their snacks in by parents/carers.
What can we do about this to encourage healthy eating across the school?
Well, we are in the process of discussing this and will be meeting again soon to implement a strategy to promote better snack choices!

6th February 2024
Our school councillors met up again this week after a ping was sent to parents to outline their initiative.  They created posters to promote healthy eating and now have special stickers to give out to random healthy snack eaters from each class.  The councillors will be looking out for children on the playground at break times.  Each sticker can then be translated into 2 dojos.  We hope that our school families will support this initiative and continue to help their children choose good, healthy options for their snack!

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