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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Headteacher's Awards



 Reception - Sorcha for excellent maths work and for making a beautiful christmas picture.

 Year 1 - Keanne for a helpful and friendly attitude around class.
 Year 2 - Seb for putting in 100% effort this week with learning his lines.
 Year 3 - Fabian for putting 100% effort in everything he does.
 Year 4 - Bay for always listening and geting involved answering questions in class.
 Year 5 - Rachel for amazing efforts in our school library.
 Year 6 - Fiona for excellent attitude and behaviour  always.

Reading Skills Award

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Dylan a big improvement with blending sounds to read CVC words.

Year 1 Ruzena for excellent guided reading.
Year 2 Ava for super effort with her home reading and comprehension.
Year 3 Jake for excellent progress in reading.
Year 4 Sabrina for always reading beautifully and showing great fluency.
Year 5 Lily-May for thinking deeper before responding in reading.
Year 6 Evan for excellent response to prompts within guided reading sessions.


Arts Ambassador


Year 1 - Garvitt for his fabulous artwork.

Year 2 - Rafael for amazing dance moves.

Year 3 - Euan for lovely singing in our Advent Practice

Year 4 - Anneetta for amazing dance moves in Gospel.

Year 5 - Jamie Parker & Alfred Barton for being amazing in our guitar lesson.

Year 6 - Nicole for a beautiful African Scene painting.

Friday Write

                         Reception - Isabelle

Year 1 - Lucas

Year 2 - Aaron

Year 3 - Ruby 

Year 4 - Alans

Year 5 - Ross

Year 6  - Liam





Tasty Teams  of the week

Yummy Yoghurts and Bouncing bananas






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