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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Lottie for excellent addition to 10 and for always having a smile on her face.

 Year 1 - Yuan for amazing progress with his phonics and trying his best in all areas.
 Year 2 - George for his fabulous dancing, his amazing smile and being helpful to others. 
 Year 3 - Abel for progressing very quickly in swimming through hard work, determination and self belief.
 Year 4 - 
 Year 5 - Daisy for sewing a beautiful Mayan doll and always trying hard.
 Year 6 - Filip for always displaying kind and thoughtful behaviour.

Reading Skills Award

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Anna for excellent clear reading of an unfamiliar text. 

Year 1 Eniyya for incredible progress when reading real and alien words in phonics.
Year 2 Haris for excellent reading of real and alien words in phonics rhis week.
Year 3

Max for always giving 100% in our guided reading and 60 second reading.

Year 4  
Year 5 Julie for fluent reading with the Practice comprehension paper.
Year 6 Lily for always confidently sharing interesting historical facts she has read and learnt.


Arts Ambassador


Reception -  Mary-Kaitlin for super Lego models.

Year 1

Year 2 - Erin for super sewing & design making her pouch.

Year 3 - Aimee for desigining an amazing cushion in our DT lesson.

Year 4

Year 5 - Julie for designing and making a very creative Mayan doll. 

Year 6 - Lilianna for a beautiful creative page in her geography book.



Writing Award

 Reception - Daisy for working hard and writing her sentences on the Ipad.

Year 1 - Sorcha for trying her best to improve her pre-cursive writing.

Year 2 - Harson for a fabulous retell of 'Dangerous'.

Year 3 - Connie for some excellent independent writing including a conjunction.

Year 4 - 

Year 5 - Fia  for an amazing boxing up of the 'Dreamgiver'. 

Year 6  - Alfred for amazing language in his descriptive writing.



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