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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Roselynne for being a friendly, kind and polite member of the class. 

 Year 1 - Angel for determination and perseverance.
 Year 2 - Dzasmina for a super start to Year 2.
 Year 3 - Rafael for always giving 100% effort in maths and for laying out his work with pride.
 Year 4 - Christeena for being sucxh a beautiful member of our class.
 Year 5 - Dylan for always smiling, always trying and always being a fab friend. 
 Year 6 - Kablilash for making excellent progress in all areas forf the curriculum.

Reading Skills Award

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James for quick reading of cvc words.

Year 1 Christiano for an amazing improvement in his phonic score. 
Year 2 Ethan for great answers during guided reading.
Year 3

Ava for showing that putting in extra effort helps us to get better.

Year 4 Brandon for improving his book band again.
Year 5 Zoe for amazing understanding in guided reading sessions.
Year 6 Mo for showing excellent understanding in his reading comprehension tasks.


Arts Ambassador


Reception -  Anna for painting a super duckling and duck.

Year 1 - Amalia for creating a beautiful Mother's Day card.

Year 2 - Stevie-Jo for creating a Beautiful Mother's day card.

Year 3 - Krystal for a colourful and beautiful portait of Mary Anning.

Year 4 - Peter for trying a solo in Gospel.

Year 5 - Ian for writing his own creative ideas when completing his Mother's day card.

Year 6 - A beautiful 'Love you to Pieces' Mother's Day card.



Writing Award

 Reception - Mary-Kaitlin for fabulous writng about a dinosaur.

Year 1 - Yuan for fantastic ideas for our setting description. 

Year 2 - Megya for super sentences about Christopher Columbus.

Year 3 - Max for showing real improvement in writing over the last term.

Year 4 - Leon for carrying out a beautiful piece of writing.

Year 5 - Lara for working hard at home to support her class work.

Year 6  - Saad  for making excellent progress in his writing.



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