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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Headteacher's Awards



 Reception - Macie for excellent recognition of numbers to 10. 

 Year 1 - Martha for growing in confidence when sharing with others.
 Year 2 - Ellison for having a new found confidence: raising his head to answer in maths. 
 Year 3 - Jake for all his hard work paying off by sigining for the best football team in the world. 
 Year 4 - Zac for his perseverance during maths this week.
 Year 5 - Ali for amazing effort in all areas.
 Year 6 - Ruth for trying hard and producing excellent work in all areas of the curriculum.

Reading Skills Award

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Eniyaa for great reading in guided reading sessions.

Year 1 Ava for excellent effort during guided reading
Year 2 Eshal for doing really well in her reading speed and fluency test. 
Year 3

Febiya for lots of reading at home and on

'Bug Club.'

Year 4 Lara for reading every night at home.
Year 5 Ollie for outstanding effort in reading.
Year 6 Rency for fabulous work in her SATs preparation for reading.


Arts Ambassador


Reception - Eeva for lovely work in the playdoh area:making caterpillars and snakes.

Year 1 - Lilli-Mai for beautiful singing in class.

Year 2 - Daisy for beautiful singing in mass on Thursday afternoon. 

Year 3 - Harley for lovely singing in Hymn Practice. 


Year 4

Year 5 - Ross for amazing singing in Mass.

Year 6 - Angel and Nicole for beautiful artwork in their Mini-Vinnies after school club. 


Writing Award

                         Reception - Isabelle

Year 1 - Pavarthy

Year 2 - Abel

Year 3 - Ruby C

Year 4 - Joshua

Year 5 - Billy

Year 6  - Leon H





Tasty Teams  of the week

Bouncy Bananas 






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