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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Esme for being a lovely, kind and well behaved member of the class. 

 Year 1 - Year 1 for working so hard in their first assessment week.
 Year 2 - Eniyaa for always working hard, smiling beautifully and doing her best.
 Year 3 -  All of year 3 for fabulous concentration and having a conscientous attitude in your assessments.
 Year 4 - Aimee for always giving 100% in everything she does and being such a beautiful member of our class.
 Year 5 - Euan for being an absolute diamond!!
 Year 6 - Sweeney for always putting 100% effort in everything she does.

Reading Skills Award

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Finley for fabulous reading of cvc words and tricky words in his reading book.

Year 1 Frankie for amazing improvement when finding cvc words.
Year 2 Sam for working so hard at reading plus: he has moved up a whole level.
Year 3

Ryan for always seeking to extend his answers to comprehension questions through using the text to support him.

Year 4 Ava for a huge amount of reading at home. Mr Johnston loves the videos of you reading.
Year 5 Jayda for fabulous intonation to help the characters during the rehearsals for the Snow Queen.
Year 6 Dylan for amazing dedication to his reading plus.


Arts Ambassador


Reception -  Esme for beautiful painting of her Baptism symbols.

Year 1 - Gabi for fantastic writing when creating clues for chracters in a story. 

Year 2 - Alfie for an excellent Anti-Bullying poster.

Year 3 - Lucas for an excellent inspiring Anti- Bullying campaign logo.

Year 4 - Raf for an excellent painting based on Paul Cezanne.

Year 5 -Harley for amazing creativity with use of language and drama for our battle poem. 

Year 6 - Anna for her beautifully designed 'Women at War' banner.



Writing Award

 Reception - Esmae for fantastic segementing and within letters.

Year 1 - Gabi for fantastic writing when creating clues for characters in a story. 

Year 2 - Derick Aghedo  for an amazing hot write letter to Grandmother Smoo!

Year 3 - Andrew for a significant improvement in presentation and content within your writing. 

Year 4 - Oliver for trying really hard with  his handwriting.

Year 5 - Euan for his emotive war poetry.

Year 6  -Ryan for being the 'king of personification' in our poetry writing.



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