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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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Well done to all our first Superstars of the New year!!!

 Reception - Aminata for an excellent attitude to work and play.

 Year 1 - Aaron for a fantsatic attitude to learning! 
 Year 2 - Noah for amazing use of scientific vocabulary to discuss life cycles.
 Year 3 -  Pavarthy for always trying your best and showing good focus.
 Year 4 - Noah for always giving 100% effort in everything he does.
 Year 5 - Euan for sharing his wonderful memories of his grandad with a thankful heart.
 Year 6 - Zac for being a thoughtful, kind member of the class. 

Reading Skills Award

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Daniel for super improvement with blending sounds to read CVC words.

Year 1 Emma for super home reading! 
Year 2 Dylan for showing great improvement in reading out loud.
Year 3

Scarlett for huge improvement with your comprehension activities on reading plus.

Year 4 Seb for using reading plus at home.
Year 5 Jack for outstanding reading at home and on reading plus with meticulous recording in his reading diary.
Year 6 Jazmin for working so hard on her English language skills.


Arts Ambassador


Reception -  Henry for making a super house for the teddy bears and for making a playdoh cat. 

Year 1 - Harry for creating a fantastic toy in the museum.

Year 2 - Angel for using creative language and ideas in her writing.

Year 3 - Erin for her lovely, creative setting description writing ideas.  

Year 4 - Raf for some excellent dance moves in Gospel.

Year 5 - Charlotte for use of creative language whilst drafting our biography.

Year 6 -  Daniel for excellent work in our guitar lessons.



Writing Award

 Reception - Katie for trying really hard when tracing her name.

Year 1 -  Riley for the use of an apostrophe in his writing.

Year 2 - Derick  for a brilliant descriptive  narrative cold write. 

Year 3 - Olivia for your hardworking and conscientious attitude in our fronted adverbials lessons.

Year 4 - Michel for trying really hard to improve her handwriting.

Year 5 - Ruby for an excellent introduction to her Jacques Cousteau biography.

Year 6  - Jessica for excellent language choices within her writing.



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