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Reading Booster Skills

Scan the QR codes below to access a quick tips teaching video to support your home reading for focused skills.

Why, Why, Why? - using questioning to deepen understanding.
Read and Repeat - Taking a patient approach to consolidating understnading of every sentence.
Read, Recognise, Remember - A focused game for recognising words that children are struggling with.
Chop and Chunk  - Using a simple technique to decode and sound out longer words
Detail Detectives - Exploring the skill of inference in comprehension and how to use the text to give clues.
Golden Retrieval - Being able to retrieve facts and information from a text.
Step into the story - Using imagination and personal opinion to help children become a part of the story.
Brilliant Blending - Supporting the blending of sounds to read entire words.
Follow the Finger - Making use of tracking the text with a finger to support focus and direction.


A parents guide to reading at Sacred Heart

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