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Wonders of Ancient Egypt February 2020 Trip


We visited Warrington Museum so we could learn more about Ancient Egypt and its wonders. 

We looked at the map of Egypt and located the River Nile. After this we learned about a 14 year old boy who was mummified and buried in the Egyptian Desert. An old lady called Mrs Higginbottom went on a holiday to Egypt in the 1800s and whilst digging found a mummy. She put him into her suitcase where she brought him back to England on a ship. She kept him as an antique in her house. 

One day, the mummy was x-rayed and they found him to be a boy of only 14 years old. After this, he was put into museums and eventually settled here, at Warrington Museum. 

His cause of death is a mystery. But after doing some research and checking his X-rays we think he could have died from being hit on the head, (but this could have been caused when Mrs Higginbottom put him into her suit case). Other causes of his death may have been hurt by a crocodile or drowned in the River Nile. 

After this we made interesting notebooks of information using the museum to gather research. We saw the Shabtis which were buried with mummies so that in the after life, the person would have a slave or worker to do all their jobs. There was also a spell spoken from the very famous Ancient Egyptian scripture, the Book of the Dead. We created our own Shabtis out of clay.

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