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ARTS WEEK - “What A Wonderful World” Theme

Wonderful World Project

We created our own Wonderful World artwork by using colour and/or collage to form Earth and the next filled our world with things that make it wonderful, for example: animals, plants, family, God, social media and communications and the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year.

We celebrated the Chines New Year in school and at home. 2021 is the year of the Ox, (a year for resilience, hard-working and strength).

We made Chinese lanterns, dragon puppets, a giant dragon head for a parade as well as taking part in many other activities.

Be Kind to Yourself Day, 12.02.21.

We all have taken part in a Be Kind To Yourself Day, whether we were at home or at school.

We had a menu of activities that we could choose from. Our aim was to ensure we were treating ourselves and others with kindness mentally and physically, to help us in having a healthy mind and body. Take a look at a few of our ideas:

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